I’ve created an opener and supers for the Ipswich Jets home game broadcasts that Phoenix Media broadcasts. With access to a Tricaster I was able to use my computer as an NDI source to let grpahics come though on the stream, with access to a presidium subscription to the Tricaster I would've be able to create animated supers to be used within the Tricaster but I found this other technique to get my animated graphics to display.

Switch ON

I’ve created a logo for the 2nd years that are studying Television broadcasting and they needed a logo for their show about stories around Ipswich. The orange and yellow gradient represents the university’s logo and the Jacaranda flower represents the local flower that grows in Ipswich.



Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce reached out to USQ to see if any students were able to create a opener and closer for their video series they planned to release. I was up to to the task to create one for them during my studies.

Women in Sport

Women in Sport is a web show created for the Women Sports Network that showcases women that actively play sport as there is still a lack of representation. I've created all the design elements for this project from supers to opener and closer. Here’s an example of an episode that’s been put together using the graphic elements I’ve created, from supers to the chroma key backdrop animation.


I've helped update the graphics for a local sports program that my university I'm currently studding in, University of Southern Queensland produces. After the 80 is a sports review program about the matches that's held in the Queensland Rugby League, there's also a local edition for the local clubs around Ipswich.